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Classic Scottish Dessert, unrivalled for it sumptuousness

Last night the best girlfriend ever and myself were invited to Dinner to the house of a great friend and conoisseur, a true Renaissance Man with a plethora of knowledge about pretty much everything and a penchant for good living. Although a born and bred Kiwi, for pretty much most of the last two years he walks this earth wearing traditional scottish clothing, Kilt, Sporran, Sgian Dubhs and all. Apart from a abundance of excellent Single Malts, fresh Oatcakes and scottish cheeses we were served a wonderful version of Cranachan which was so good that I should share it with you:

Cranachan (also known as Crowdie Cream due to the Crowdie cheese that was used for the dish in the past) is a classic late summer dish, when fresh berries are available in abundance all around the country.

For 4 hungry, sweet toothed noders you'll need:

Gently toast the Oatmeal in a large fryingpan until brown. Set aside and cool.
Whisk the cream in a bowl until stiff and gently fold honey and Whisky into it.
Gently fold three quarters of the toasted oatmeal into the mix.
Layer the raspberries with the cream mixture in four tall glasses and evenly sprinkle the remaining oatmeal over the dessert to improve the presentation and:

Crivens! A wonderful summerly treat.

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