One summer I worked at the A&W on campus, because I was too lazy to find a different job. Anyways, I worked with a really nice girl who had moved to Canada from Mexico, and was still learning English.

One day, this woman came to the A&W, and my friend was serving her. I wasn't really paying attention, but all of a sudden this woman starts freaking out. She was yelling, "Don't call me Mom! I'm not your mother!" at my friend. You have to understand that with her accent, the word "ma'am" came out a little funny - hence the misinterpretation. But not worth that big of a fuss.

We started to call her "crazy lady" after that. Didn't hear from her for a week or so, and then she came in and complained to our manager about how rudely we treated her. WTF?? I've rarely, if ever, seen my friend rude to anyone (while at work, anyways). Our manager knew what a weirdo the lady was, so nothing ever came of it.

Then, one day, she was back again. She stood at a closed till at lunch for 10 minutes once, until someone was nice enough to let her in line. And then, she tried to explain to me (rudely) that that till had been open when she got in line. Again, WTF. We rarely, if ever, change tills during the day, and definitely not at lunch, when it's too busy.

I got out of the public service industry soon after she started doing really creepy things, like sending Campus Security and stuff when we "harassed" her. We got the feeling from them that she called them for that sort of thing a lot though - they seemed kind of amused with it.

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