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/me misses Sensei.

/me misses Wharfinger.

May 25, 2002

Well, it's been a long time since I've updated this thing. Since last fall... everything's changed since then. I've moved away, leaving my family and all of my friends behind in Calgary, to go to Victoria for grad school.

Sort of a bizarre thought that I've actually made it into grad school. I'll be going to CERN at some point (not nearly as soon as I want to), and I'm becoming what I've wanted, professionally. I'm actually going to be a scientist. What a messed up thought.

Unfortunately, fulfulling myself professionally has left a huge social gap in my life for now. I knew no one in this city well when I got here on the last day of April, and that hasn't changed greatly yet. I'm starting to make friends and fit in in the department, but for a social creature like myself it's excruciatingly slow. I miss going out with my friends, having someone to gossip with at lunch, seeing movies with my buds back home.