This is a listing of erotic nodes on e2. There is a lot of passion within e2 and this is far from being complete so please /msg me (or an admin) if you find any good ones I haven't listed here and I will add them in. Many of these nodes have multiple writeups so i have indicated the author so that you may find the right ones faster. Please note: This node links to sex: soft, loving, beautiful, dirty, grunting, sensual, erotic, sex. Some of these nodes willnot be to your taste. Some are beautiful touching images, some are graphic sexual experiences, some involve things you can't talk about at work. Please accept that we all have different needs in, or out of, the bedroom and celebrate the personal writings these people have shared with us.

To get you started I have bolded some of my personal favorites, they may not be to your taste but they should help you find a place to start in on this list.

Thanks to junkpile for helping me find stuff for this and for writing so many cool nodes. Special thanks to Svaha, and Trina, and Aphrodite.