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Crazyhouse is a Chess variant, the point of which, just like in normal Chess, is to checkmate the opposing king.

The difference from normal chess is this: when you capture an opposing piece, it "changes colour" and becomes yours, to use at your leisure. In Crazyhouse, a move is either any regular chess move, or the placing of a captured piece on the board.

Captured pieces are placed using the following rules:

  1. A piece may be placed on a vacant square only. (So you cannot say "I just took your queen with this knight.")
  2. You may place a piece to give check or mate.
  3. The only real limitation is that you cannot place a pawn on the first or last rows - the first because a pawn cannot get there in a usual game, the last because then it wouldn't be a pawn anymore.
And that's just about it. A 4-player version of this game is Bughouse Chess.

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