A group of augmented soldiers published by DC Comics. The Creature Commandos were created by Bob Kahniger and J.M. DeMatteis and first appeared in Weird War Tales #93.

During the days of World War II, the U.S. government began a secret program called Project M. Project M (the M stood for Monster) was designed to take prey upon the fears common to all men by keying on terrifying archtypes. In this case, the archtypes were the famous monsters that all men feared. To this end, a group of soldiers were subjected to experiments to make them appear like well-known movie monsters.

First was a young farmer who suffered from lycanthropy, a psychological disorder that made him believe that he was a wolf. The scientists at Project M subjected the young man, Warren Griffith, to a series of experiments that gave him the ability to change into a wolf-man.

Next came Vincent Velcoro, a sergeant who was convicted of attacking a superior officer and sentenced to thirty years in jail. Velcoro agreed to be the subject of experiments in exchange for his freedom. The result of the procedures is that Velcoro gained the ability to change into a bat and required blood to survive, giving him all of the appearances of a vampire.

Another member of the team was a private named Elliot Taylor. Nicknamed "Lucky" by his fellow soldiers, Taylor failed to live up to his name when he stepped on a mine. Though he survived the explosion, the resulting surgery gave him a Frankenstein-like appearance and the inability to talk. He became known as the Patchwork Man.

Led by Lt. Matthew Shrieve, the group was sent on a number of missions by the U.S. government, often times with results that were as monsterous as the appearance that the group portrayed. Along the way, they picked up a female doctor named Myrra Rhodes. Rhodes was exposed to a mysterious gas that caused her hair to become snakes like the legendary Medusa.

The Creature Commandos as they became known fought all over the European and Japanese theaters. They eventually ended up on Dinosaur Island, helping to use the dinosaurs to attack Japanese ships. Soon after the group was labeled as being "too human" and ordered to pilot an experimental spacecraft. The spacecraft became lost along with its crew for a time.

When the group returned, they were joined by other members, including a radio man named Aten who was wrapped up like a mummy and a man called Bogman who was amphibious and looked like the Creature from the Black Lagoon. The group helped stop invaders from another dimension.

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