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Crisps that are, instead of flat and round, sort of wavy and round. I suppose you could call them corrugated fried potato snacks, if you were the kind of person thay says things like that.

The most common brand to find crinkle-cut is Seabrooks, although you do find them in other brands as well. the main benefits of crinkle-cut are that the flavouring sticks to the crisp better and the crisp itself is stronger, and therefore less likely to be a crumbly mess when you open the bag.

A seabrook crinkle-cut salt and vinegar crisp is a crisp that, once eaten, you will never forget. Even writing this now is bringing the sharp, sour, yet pleasant taste to my mouth.

Salt and Vinegar is not however, the only flavour available in the style of crisp-here is the list of all flavours currently available from Seabrooks alone:

  1. Worchester Sauce
  2. Cheese and Onion
  3. Original (Ready Salted)
  4. Tomato Sauce
  5. Roast Chicken
  6. Smokey Bacon
  7. Salt and Vinegar
  8. Pickled Onion
  9. Cream cheese and Chive
  10. Beefy
  11. Prawn Cocktail
  12. Cheesy
  13. Spring Onion
  14. Mexican Chilli
  15. Indian Tandoori
  16. Garlic and Herb
  17. Canadian Ham

Crinkle-cut seems to somehow have more personality then normal straight crisps as well.

They seem a lot more substantial then normal crisps, yet more frivolous, kind of like the fat friend who tries too hard to make people like her. I like them, though. Maybe it's not that they are trying hard, maybe it's more that they are too cool to even try. Maybe crinkle-cut are the rock and roll crisps? Meaty flavours always taste better, in my opinion, if they are on crinkle-cut crisps.

I could see myself being good mates with a crinkle-cut, if they were people. More reliable, interesting, and satisfying then your average crisp, these are snacks to be reckoned with.

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