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A musical instrument manufacturer from Italy.

Crumar was founded by Mario Crucianelli. The company originally manufactured organs, and moved on to electric pianos and string synthesizers during the mid-70s. Crumar is credited as being a pioneer in using bucket brigade technology in string synths.
Although Crumar never really made it into the top synth company category, they had some overseas success in the 80s with their Bit-model products, which were marketed under the name "Unique" in the US. The firm also had a cooperation project with the NYC-based Music Technologies to produce advanced music hardware in the early 80s, and even had the famous Moog founder Bob Moog design the Spirit synthesizer.
Crumar arrived at the end of its road in 1987. Nowadays the company is pretty much forgotten, but their products still appear on used vintage gear sale lists every now and then.

Info from several sources, most notably from www.synthmuseum.com

Crumar equipment featured in Everything2:

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