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Crunchlings are repulsive little creatures which have found their way onto the boxes of 'cap'n crunch' cereals. They look like a cross between hairballs and fuzzy nutsacs. They can be seen in the art on the back of boxes doing such things as vomiting, fishing, skateboarding, having sex, sitting in volcanos, and wrestling with an octopus. All of these little creatures are nauseatingly ugly and disgusting. They seem to be the little slaves of Cap'n Crunch and do him various favors, both platonic and sexual.

i dont know who the ad genius was who came up with this one but i hope he's been fired. They have video games and even koosh balls based on these little hairballs. I personally find them to be terrifying. I'm sure little kids do too and cry when they see these cereals. So.. if you ever see one.. do me a favor and kill it.

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