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I hear words in clips and phrases that will float around inside, delicious combinations that I delight in repeating, tasting, playing with.

I find them on t-shirts. On neon signs. Spray-painted in tunnels. In one of Ray Bradbury's stories. In bizarre conversations. I make them up.

Crunchy Vibe
In little stitching on the polo-shirt my bro-in-law stole from his old roommate.
It makes me smile every time.

Rumble strip.
You know, when they scrape the pavement before toll plazas
and on dangerous roads that curve.

Big flashing letters, pink, green.
I checked up close in the window, it's not like the leg of the R isn't lighting up.
It's just not THERE.

I don't know why.
It's just super-spiffy.

madness maddening
Ray Bradbury, I think I love you.

There's more where these came from.
There is always more. I just have to keep an eye out, an ear open.

I wonder where that comes from, 'an eye out'.

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