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A key combination that means "go to end of line" in Emacs, Bash, and elsewhere in the Unix world.

Some applications in Windows use it with that meaning as well. But I feel obliged to inform you that some applications may react in quite unexpected ways to the touch of the E key while holding down Ctrl. In particular, I have to warn you that you must never push Ctrl-E while editing a message in Eudora! In Eudora, Ctrl-E means "send immediately"!

This has happened to me at least twice. I discovered some minor typo, and pressed Ctrl-E to go to the end of the line and correct it... I once sent a half-edited message to a mailing list of more than 200 people, which I can assure you wasn't very funny.

So perhaps I should try to unlearn that key sequence now. Or stop using Eudora.

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