The D River is a river in Oregon. It is located on the Oregon coast, in Lincoln City. It is somewhere between 110 and 440 feet long, with its exact length being a matter of debate.

For some years, the D River was listed as the nation's shortest river in the Guinness Book of World Records. Another river in Great Falls, Montana was claimed to be shorter. There started a back-and-forth about the rather ambiguous question of river length, and what constitutes a river, the Guinness Book dropped the category.

Even without its title, the D River is still there. It connects Devil Lake to the Pacific Ocean. The Coast Range of Oregon is a very rainy place, and the small basin of Devil Lake catches a lot of water, which, after waiting in the lake, makes it the additional hundreds of feet horizontally and several feet vertically before entering the ocean.

What exactly constitutes a river, and how to measure its length, are not totally agreed upon things. However, by most measures, the D River is a river, and a very short one.

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