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DC Nation was a programming block that (briefly) aired on Cartoon Network Saturday mornings, featuring series and shorts based on the superhero characters from DC Comics, which started in March of 2012.

The series included Young Justice and Green Lantern: The Animated Series, along with shorts featuring various characters (including new shorts featuring the Teen Titans, Batman Beyond, re-imagined heroes, such as Batman in 1930s Shanghai, and parodies) and short interviews with cosplaying fans.

After the block was removed from the schedule in the fall of 2012, many fans signed petitions to bring it back.

In 2013, Young Justice and Green Lantern were canceled and replaced with Teen Titans Go! which is based on the comedic Teen Titans shorts and Beware the Batman.

Shortly after the new series premiered, the DC Nation block was dropped and Teen Titans Go! moved to prime time (much to the ire of older fans who did not like the Titans purely comedic re-imaging), where it remains the only show from the block still in production.

Reasons for dropping the block have ranged from reasons such as "kids aren't interested in superheroes anymore" and "too many girls were watching the shows".

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