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1 Ambiguously Gay Duo (person) Codger writeup
2 Ambiguously Gay Duo (person) Woundweavr writeup
3 Batman (thing) borgo writeup
4 Batman Beyond (thing) Jet-Poop writeup
5 Batman Beyond (idea) Ghost writeup
6 Birds of Prey (thing) postscribe writeup
7 Daredevil (review) The Custodian writeup
8 Daredevil (review) Glowing Fish writeup
9 Dilbert (thing) Servo5678 writeup
10 Electra Woman and Dyna Girl (review) JD writeup
11 The Green Hornet (person) Quizro writeup
12 Herbie the Robot (person) Habakkuk writeup
13 Heroes (thing) Jack writeup
14 Heroes (review) craigkup writeup
15 The Impossibles (person) JD writeup
16 The Incredible Hulk (thing) dotc writeup
17 The Incredible Hulk Returns (thing) Oil writeup
18 Isis (person) JD writeup
19 Jessica Jones (review) JD writeup
20 Josie and the Pussycats (idea) arrowfall writeup
21 Josie and the Pussycats (thing) Nekojin writeup
22 Justice League Unlimited (thing) chopper07 writeup
23 Krypto the Superdog (thing) borgo writeup
24 the maxx (thing) Zen Goblin writeup
25 The Maxx (idea) Langdon writeup
26 Mutant X (thing) digivenger writeup
27 Sewer Urchin (person) kermit1221 writeup
28 Sewer Urchin (person) Uberbanana writeup
29 Smallville (thing) Lewisham writeup
30 Smallville (thing) Zach writeup
31 Spider-Man (person) Habakkuk writeup
32 The Super Globetrotters (thing) Jet-Poop writeup
33 Superfriends (person) Habakkuk writeup
34 Superman (idea) Randofu writeup
35 Superman Adventures (thing) Quizro writeup
36 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (thing) 18thCandidate writeup
37 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (person) rootbeer277 writeup
38 The Tick (thing) Segnbora-t writeup
39 The Tick (review) rootbeer277 writeup
40 The Tick (review) Tem42 writeup
41 To Riverdale and Back Again (thing) owlman writeup
42 The Wonder Twins (person) Habakkuk writeup
43 X-Men (thing) althorrat writeup
44 Static Shock (thing) Dustyblue writeup
45 Teen Titans Go! (thing) HCShannon writeup
46 Global Frequency (review) Jet-Poop writeup
47 Paper Girls (review) JD writeup
48 The Sandman (review) JD writeup
49 Beware the Batman   e2node
50 Archie's Weird Mysteries   e2node

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