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Back in 1990, a movie of Archie Andrews and the gang came out on TV. Called "To Riverdale and Back Again", the movie centered on the gang as adults returning to Riverdale High for a class reunion. Yes, all the main characters are back, including Jughead (who is now a shrink), Veronica (a billionaire, of course), Betty (a teacher), Reggie (a media mogul), Moose (a doctor), Midge (a nurse), Ethel (a model!), Mr. Weatherbee, and Miss Grundy.

The movie was probably one of the most ridiculous movies that I'd ever seen. It managed to take the G-ratedwholesome characters of yesteryear and turned them into a bizarre PG-13 sitcom, complete with sexual innuendos. It may have seemed like a good idea at the time to have Betty try to seduce Archie while standing nude behind the shower curtain but I'd hate to explain that to the kids.

To conclude, it probably would have made an okay TV movie if it wasn't for the fact that they used the Archie comics characters.

By the way...babe actress Lauren Holly played Betty.