Also the title of ongoing humourous comic book that is readily recognized by a significant percentage of the world's English speaking population.

Involves the stories and fumbles of a bunch of teenagers studying in Riverdale high school. Unsurprisingly, the main character is Archie Andrews. Other main characters include Jughead Jones, Betty Cooper, Veronica Lodge, Reggie Mantle and, Cheryl Blossom (since 1994).

Archie offers access to files available from anonymous FTP sites. It is not used much, but it can still be found at educational sites in particular.

You use archie to search an FTP site for files or anything matching a string of text you type in.

archie -{switch} {string}

  -c   Case-sensitive substring search
  -r   Regular expression search
  -s   Case-insensitive substring match


>archie -s fisheye

   Location: /pub/physicsdept/binaries/usr.bin.nomirror
   FILE -rw-r--r--  28254  Nov 26  00:26  fisheye.tar.z

After you find the file, you can use an FTP, ssh or telnet program to download it.

Perhaps the most famous recent Archie artist is Dan DeCarlo.

Don't forget classic Archie characters like Moose Mason (the jock), Dilton Doiley (the brain), and Big Ethel.

Occasionally DeCarlo would write really weird stories in which the Archie gang were all superheroes, starring Archie as "Captain Goodheart". These stories were almost universally awful.

Wow all these writeups and not one mention of the actual storyline of the comic books.

The story of Archie is a love triangle between Archie, (the red haired lovable average guy), Veronica, (The dark haired, stuck up, rich girl), and Betty, (the nice blond girl next door type of girl).

Archie dates both of these girls, (usually Veronica), but Betty is the girl who truly loves him. He often inadvertantly hurts Betty, but she never gives up.

Betty and Veronica are best friends but they are also great rivals. Often fighting over Archie, (and sometimes other boys as well), Veronica usually comes out on top because of her willingness to fight dirty.

Archie's best friend is Jughead Jones, (a classic overeater and self confessed woman hater). Jughead's main love in life is food, all kinds of food, (but he is thin as a rail). Jughead often battles self doubt and depression, but Archie can usually cheer him up.

Archie's biggest rival, (and second best friend), is Reggie. Reggie also dates Veronica, (and sometimes Betty). Reggie is in many ways a male version of Veronica, (wealthy, attractive, and willing to fight dirty). Reggie is often quite mean to Jughead and other minor characters, (until he realizes how much he has hurt them).

Dilton Doiley is the super nerd of the bunch, but in true Revenge of the Nerds style he will often end up with very pretty girls, (these girls are usually incidental characters, that are never carry over into other stories).

Several other well known groups of people occupy the same world as the Archie gang. Including Sabrina The Teenage Witch, and the whole Josie and the Pussycats group. Sometimes these groups will encounter each other, (but usually their stories are separate).

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