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I've more or less left everything2 behind. I'll leave my nodes up because some of them are interesting, but eventually they'll all get deleted or eaten anyway...

A codger is a long-time 'net user who finds himself feeling many magnitudes his real age when comparing his attitudes and actions with newbies and other 'newer' users of his erstwhile generation.


Mukkachuk says: Now the only question is, is clever-clever really something that needs to be noded? Seems like it's just doublespeak.

Cool Man Eddie says Sylvar just cooled your writeup on E2 Nuke Request, baby

Cool Man Eddie says discofever just cooled your writeup on What's new, pussycat?, baby
discofever says I saw the node What's new, pussycat? two days ago. Ever since, the song has been on constant replay in my head. Thanks. Thanks alot.

ErisDiscordia says You're a cool man, Codger.

I'm probably the nicest a--hole you'll ever meet. And I'm an eNFj. Find stuff at

My favorite short story is The Scarlatti Tilt by Richard Brautigan. My favorite color is drab, nearing hues of dark blue, but potentially with tinges of medium green.

According to CowBotNeal, I'm an old curmudgeon...

I like Belle and Sebastian. And Rammstein. And everything in between, pretty much.

I once dreamt that I was a staircase. That dream was also in black and white.

I think the 'one writeup' paradigm (see my mission drive, above) started early on in the e1 days with Spaceballs: The Flamethrower.

I used to have a strange fascination with the music of James Bond movies that I hadn't seen. Now I've seen them all.

Humour is not for the impatient... and the stuff I write is probably not for anybody.

And now, some random, potentially madcap stuff:

Mad"cap` (?), a.


Inclined to wild sports; delighting in rash, absurd, or dangerous amusements.

from: How did you choose your Everything username?

I call myself Codger and have for a couple years. My previous picks for logins were 'Mot the Barber' and 'Speaker for the Dead': one from Star Trek and the other from the Orson Scott Card book of the same title. I joined the online community many many years ago, back in the days of BBSes, over gopher connections on various freenets. I used irc and chat lines. I pirated megabytes at a time of games and software. I played BBS door games, etc. Gradually, I noticed that many of my fellow users seemed younger, more immature than me -- this probably was just a silly superiority complex, but regardless I began feeling a couple times my actual age.

So I became Codger, online curmudgeon and curious eccentric. Or something like that.

I give you these nodeshells: Please do not cool this node. It doesn't deserve it. If I could reach you, I would cool you. Use them wisely.
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