Dull, tendentious chameleons of CCM. They were once just rappers, making that "ungodly" genre safe for Christian mall rats. At some point, they discovered Nirvana (the band, not the state - that's the purview of them damn Eastern Religions), and made "Jesus Freak", which wasn't bad. If bird calls were the next teenage craze, they'd surely record a CD of Bay-Breasted Warbles of Praise. As Saint Gertrude might say, "There's no there there".

A Christian band. They started as very bad wannabe rap. Had they not been in the niche of Christian music they probably would have died after their first release. Instead, they has enough of a dedicated audience to develop their talents. Free at Last was the album that began their popularity, in which they switched to hip hop, something they were much better. They eventually realized their true gift, and switched to Alternative for their next album, Jesus Freak. They have continued this style with their latest album (Supernatural). With luck, they will not switch genres again, although one can never be sure.

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