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An alternative rock/praise & worship band on Gotee Records whose music, as a CDNOW reviewer notes, isn't especially original, but they were one of the first bands to cash in on the "modern worship" trend in the Christian market with their self-titled debut. Originally composed of singer Jeff Deyo, guitarists Dwayne Larring and Dana Weaver, bassist Rick Heil, keyboardist Jason Halbert, and drummer Aaron Blanton, the band has now split off into three separate projects: Lead singer Jeff Deyo has signed on with Gotee Records to record a solo project; Jason Halbert and Dwayne Larring have formed their own production team and collaborated with a number of worship leaders to release All around the World; and Rick Heil continues on with the original name and new band members.

Sonicflood (1999) on Gotee Records
1. Invocation
2. I Have Come to Worship
3. Holy One
4. I Want to Know You
5. My Refuge
6. I Could Sing of Your Love Forever feat. Out of Eden's Lisa Kimmey-Bragg
7. Holiness
8. Carried Away
9. Something about That Name feat. Kevin Max of dc Talk
10. I Need You
11. Open the Eyes of My Heart
12. The Heart of Worship

Sonicpraise (2000) on Gotee Records - a live album
1. Intro
2. Open the Eyes of My Heart
3. I Want to Know You
4. Carried Away
5. Holy One
6. You Are Worthy of My Praise
7. (spontaneous worship)
8. Did You Feel the Mountains Tremble
9. Lord, I Lift Your Name on High
10. Before the Throne of God Above
11. I Could Sing of Your Love Forever
12. I Have Come to Worship

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