Digital Theater Systems. Best known for its DTS multichannel sound format for recording and playing back movie soundtracks. The company has a 5.1 channel digital encoding format for DVD. The high-end home theater and audiophile community claim it is much better than Dolby Digital's 5.1 format, especially because DTS uses higher bit-rates with less lossy compression.

Apologies about this short writeup, but I feel that the node Dolby Digital vs. DTS has a more objective opinion on the subject of digital theatre audio coding technologies.

Ideal comparisons between Dolby Digital and DTS's 5.1 can be heard on Warner Bros. dual DTS and Dolby releases. (Lethal Weapon 1,2 and 3 director's cuts, Interview with the Vampire and Twister) Both audio formats are taken from the same 6-track discrete 24bit 48KHz masters, and without dialogue normalisation on either and both at their highest possible bitrates on DVD(448kbps for the Dolby, and 1.5mbps for the DTS)

It may sound silly, but If anyone can hear much difference, aside from the DTS version's LFE rolloff to 0db at less than 19 Hz then I'd love to hear it. However, this could be attributed to the DTS CAE-4 encoder itself.

Anyway, if anyone has more information, not opinion, then let me know, add it to the node, or correct me.

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