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The son1 of Chlotar II and Bertrade, Dagobert I was the most power of all the kings of the Franks, ruling all of Bourgogne and Aquitaine.

In 623 he became king of Austrasia, and in 629 he became ruler of the entire Frankish realm, as he remained until his death in 639 (sort of).

Born around 6032, Dagobert I was the last Merovingian king to actually rule, thanks to a 632 Austrasian revolt of the nobility, led by Pepin I. To pacify the rebels, Dagobert I put his three-year-old son, Sigebert III on the Austrasian throne.

During his reign, Dagobert I built the Altes Schloss and the Saint Denis Basilica. He also made Paris the capital, 'cause it's a bang up city. He also had five wives, all of whom I will not try to name.

Dagobert I died in 639, and his throne was inherited by his five-year-old son Clovis II.

1 Or, rather, a son. He had a half brother, Charibert II (son of Chlotar II and Queen Sichilde).

2 Some sources say he was born in 606, but 603 seems to be the most popular guess.


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