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I was on my way to my third appointment of the day and I was running slightly late. It was entirely my fault because I had spent too much time with my previous client. As I was about the enter the office, a confused-looking young man was looking at a window overlooking downtown Newark. He turned around and asked, "Is that where NJPAC is," pointing in the wrong direction. I quickly gave him the correct directions, trying to get to my appointment as soon as possible.

Alas, this young man needed the directions explained more slowly. Not wanting to be responsible for this young man getting lost in the streets of Newark, I gave less terse directions, and in the process, explained how several major streets in Newark related to each other. He was thoroughly pleased at his newfound knowledge.

Good Rating: 3.6

I was late only by 3 minutes and my client didn't mind. +1.2 bonus since it was Newark and there was no one else around.

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