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why katie cried yesterday / why katie will cry tomorrow

Becca, age six, falls down WHAM on hard cafeteria floor and is instantly bawling. This is a kid who does not cry, so I know it's really bad. I scoop her up and get her a chair, a kleenex, ice for the bruises already forming up and down her leg. The same three meanasses who made fun of Taylor yesterday show up now to laugh at Becca for crying. I take them aside and give them the standard "how would YOU feel" talking-to. They say they wouldn't care. At the end of my temper, I tell them they are pee drinkers. They don't cry but they have no idea what to say and they don't talk much the rest of the day.

Katie P. won't get off my lap. This is bad because

a. it means her head blocks my line of vision to a dozen kids who may at any moment turn on each other
b. She has lice.
c. I don't like Katie P.

I ask her to move. She says WHY?

I say "because you are blocking my vision." She says TOO BAD.

I say "because you are squashing me." She says NU UH.

I say "because I said so." She laughs.

Enough. I know what will upset her; the truth. I say "because you are crawling with lice and I'd rather not get your bugs." She cries - whatever - she's off my lap.

Evil Rating: 2 of 10, and that much only for the little flair of spite I add to my justice.

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