European version of Konami's legendary Bemani game, Dance Dance Revolution.

Released on an unsuspecting continent in 1999, Dancing Star EuroMix took the cult (in the UK at least) hit DDR and added several songs licensed from Universal Music to entice the European gameplayer. These songs were:

The other songs had already featured in various incarnations of DDR:

  • Kung Fu Fightin' - BUS STOP feat. CARL DOUGLAS
  • Tubthumping - CHUMBAWAMBA
  • Afronova - RE-VENGE
  • Dub-I-Dub - ME & MY
  • Captain Jack (Granvale Remix) - CAPTAIN JACK
  • Dam Dariram - JOGA
  • Dead End - N & S
  • Do It All night - E-ROTIC
  • Dynamite Rave - NAOKI
  • El Ritmo Tropical - DIXIES GANG
  • End Of The Century - NO.9
  • Holiday - WHO'S THAT GIRL
  • Keep On Movin' - N.M.R.
  • Luv To Me (AMD Mix) - DJ KAZU feat. TIGER YAMATO
  • La Senorita - CAPTAIN. T
  • Make A Jam! - U1
  • Paranoia Rebirth 190' - KONAMI
  • So Many Men - ME & MY
  • Silent Hill - THOMAS HOWARD

As with the original versions of DDR in Japan, EuroMix took British arcades by storm, making the Bemani series the most popular arcade game series since Capcom's Street Fighter 2 variations.

Dancing Stage EuroMix was released on Sony PlayStation in 2000, and topped the charts for six months.

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