Boyzone is a group consisting of five Dublin men

This Irish quintet has released four albums.

Their debut single “Love Me For A Reason” reached number 2 on the charts in 1994. In fact their first fourteen songs reached the top 3 on the charts! They won the Ivor Novella Award for the single “Picture of You” (from the Mr. Bean Movie). They won Record of the Year for “No Matter What”. They have also won four Irish music awards.

Courantly the group is taking a hiatus to work on solo projects.

Keith Duffy has been pursuing work in TV and Film. He did a morning show on the BBC called FBI and he also had a part in the film, The Bomb Maker. He also was just voted Wilkinson Sword, Smoothest Face 2001. He is teaming up with Shane on the single “Girl You Know It’s True”.

Mikey Graham’s debut solo album, Meet Me Halfway, will be released on April 16, 2001. His new single, “You Could Be My Everything” will be released on April 2nd. He will be touring the UK during the months of April and May.

Shane Lynch teamed up with Keith on the single by Milli Vanilli for fun. They chose it because (and I quote)…”we were said to be the two boys in the background who didn’t sing anything and Milli Vanilli were renowned for not singing their songs.” He doesn’t plan on releasing any other singles soon. He’s busy with his other passion, race car driving.

Stephen Gately was the first of the boys to release a solo album. His solo debut was released May, 2000 and called New Beginning. It includes his versions of “Bright Eyes” (from the soundtrack to the TV version of Watership Down) and “I Believe” (from the Billy Elliot soundtrack).

Ronan Keating will also be touring this spring (2001). His debut Album is Ronan. His new single “Lovin’ Each Day” will be released on April 16, 2001. Other singles released are “When You Say Nothing At All”(July, 1999), “Life Is A Rollercoaster” (July, 2000), and “The Way You Make Me Feel”.(November, 2000) Ronan was a co-manager of the group Westlife until his contracted was terminated this past fall.

As to whether or not this group will get back together, I can not say. There is no clear information one way or another, only speculation and rumor.

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