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A Little League baseball player who has become a symbol for fraud in sports and, perhaps, the overcompetitive nature of Little League baseball.

In the summer of 2001, Danny Almonte pitched for the Rolando Paulino All Stars of the Bronx, New York, a Little League baseball team. His father provided a birth certificate to league officials that stated Danny's birthday to be April 7, 1989. Under Little League rules, players born before August 1, 1988, are prohibited from playing as Little League is a youth competition.

Danny proceeded to help carry the team to the Little League World Series, during which he had several dominating pitching performances, including a perfect game. During the entire series, he only gave up one run and was amazingly dominant in leading the team to a third place finish and a 5-1 record in Little League World Series play.

Throughout the series, the actual age of Danny was questioned by opposing teams. One opposing team raised ten thousand dollars and investigated Danny's past in the Dominican Republic and came up with two vital facts: one, Danny was an illegal immigrant in the United States on an expired visa, and two, Danny was actually born on April 7, 1987, making his play in Little League in violation of the rules. As a result, the Rolando Paulino All Stars will likely have to vacate their third place finish in the Little League World Series.

Whatever becomes of Danny Almonte, he will likely remain a symbol of how parents often teach lessons to their children that winning is more important than playing fairly.

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