President Skroob's right hand man in the 1987 movie Spaceballs, played by Rick Moranis. Dark Helmet commands Spaceball One, the mighty battleship/suction device. He wears a massive black helmet that covers his entire head and includes a flip-top door that can be opened to reveal his face. With the flap closed he talks in a booming, commanding voice, but with the flap open he sounds like a wimp. In the film he had been sent to capture Princess Vespa from the planet Druidia in order to hold her for ransom in return to all of Druidia's air.

Dark Helmet is not a very capable leader. He orders the ship to Ludicrous Speed without fastening his seatbelt, then orders the ship come to an immediate stop, causing him to slam helmet-first into a control panel array. He plays with dolls, acting out little scenes with them and providing the voices for the toys. He's been known to drink large amounts of coffee. He is also Lone Star's father's brother's nephew's cousin's former roommate.

Dark Helmet controls the down side of the mysterious force known as The Schwartz. Every Schwartz has two sides, an up side and a down side. This mystic power allows him to zap insubordinates with a mighty energy beam (usually in the groin) and to create illusions, such as the time he appeared as King Roland to trick Princess Vespa. With the aid of his Schwartz Ring, Dark Helmet wields an awesome lightsaber-esque energy sword.

Dark Helmet was last seen on the Planet of the Apes.

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