This is one of Nostradamus' wacky prophecies. He dated it as the middle of July, 1999. A few years ago, lots of really smart people were talking about this prophecy and things like Soviet warplanes and the end of the world in the same breath.

I checked yesterday, and Paris seems to be fine, and no one I talked to on the streets had any knowledge of an inexorable battalion of destructive birds bearing down upon the city from the east.

This is also the title of a song by the band Coil off their latest album, Musick to Play in the Dark.

The Coil song of this title was 90% done by band member Thighpaulsandra. The 12 minute and 40 second piece was mostly created with a Roland SH101, a Fenix (some type of modular synth) and overdubs of Coil member John Balance's voice. This soundtrackesque song begins with a quiet rhythmic series of electronic beeps and other little noises, eventually becoming a fast-paced mesh of the beeps and other strange, eletronically manipulated sound. Those overdubs of Balance's voice are the only vocals, which aren't discernable. What he's saying is anyone's guess, though Coil probably knows (having created the song and all).

As evidenced by the title of the album this song is on (Musick To Play In The Dark, volume one), this song sounds much more übercool in the dark.

Some information for this writeup was gathered from Some of it wasn't.

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