Book by O'Reilly Publishing. A great beginners guide for Perl programming. It's a great starting point and include exercises at the end of each chapter, it's where I started (and where I still am in some respects). Includes basics on CGI scripting as well. After you're done with this you can move on to Programming Perl, The Perl Cookbook(more of a code reference library than a leartning tool, although I could argue with that) and Advanced Perl Programming.

This is a state that most modern geeks seem to get into once in a while. It's symptoms include wandering around with a copy of the Camel book, seeing how many ways one can implement Hello World in Perl, and attempting to introduce one's non-geek friends into the thrilling world of regular expressions.

Hint for you management types: never hire a Perl coder who says they're "learning perl". When used in an interview, the phrase usually means, "I've successfully written Hello World in Perl, and I hope to move up to Goodby World next week". Hire someone who says they code perl, they hack perl, or they are JAPH.

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