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From Programming Perl, p. 992:

"Just Another Perl Hacker," a clever but cryptic bit of Perl code that when executed, evaluates to that string. Often used to illustrate a particular Perl feature, and something of an ongoing Obfuscated Perl Contest seen in Usenix signatures.

If that be the case, I prefer something more confusing, but by no means the hit of perl obfuscation:

#!/usr/bin/perl -w
$_="a<j3 8]}9[ 1~2+ -62` 4,+,.j?23h`}|{qj46] #+.*,)";$h=H8;
y|!&#'%;@*().,$"^:\|{}[]+_\-?<~` a-z0-9|a0c6e8b12345d7f9|d;

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