Bruno Krumm, Stefan Ackermann, and Daniel Galda. This band formed in Germany around the time of 1989. Their earliest works, Satanische Verse and Die Propheten, released in 1991 and 1992, respectively, were experimental blends of electronic, industrial and classical musical elements. In this respect, the band sometimes defies categorization. For example, the song Ein Tag Vergeht, from Sataniche Verse, makes much use of string instrumentation on the synthesizers, and Jericho is a stunning piece done almost entirely on piano, which Krumm learned to play as a child. Das Ich also released a soundtrack to the film Das Ewige Licht, using dark ambient soundscapes to enhance the film's atmosphere.

Perhaps their best known work, Egodram, was released in 1998, and was a departure from their more experimental roots and was characterized by a more mainstream industrial sound. They gained club popularity with Destillat and Kindgott, the two singles from the release. The same year, however, they released Morgue, which returned to their expiermental routes, some tracks containint the poetry of Gottfried Benn as their lyrics, marked with piano and symphonic melodies rather than synthesizers and sequencers.

As an added bonus, 2000 saw the release of Re-Laborat, a catalogue of Das Ich remixes by such bands as kAlte fArben and Silke Bischoff, as well as better known bands such as Wumpscut and Funker Vogt. There was also a limited release which contains Re-animat, with additional remixed by Cat Rapes Dog, Girls Under Glass, The Fair Sex, and more.

In total, Das Ich has released 8 albums since 1991, and though they gain popularity, their lyrics are always in German. The only exception is the song Warrior on the soundtrack to Wing Commander Prophecy, which is a remake of Krieger, found on Egodram.

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