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Swedish electronic music band, kind of. Their music contains lots of electric guitars too, though.
The members all seem to be communist (which may or may not be a Bad Thing), but their music is so good that it doesn't really matter. Just try not to listen to the lyrics.

The 1998 album The Secrets of God is the best they've done. Check it out!


Cat Rapes Dog Discography:

Columna Vertebralis (1989)
Fundamental (1990)
Mad Man / True Love (1990)
American Dream / Heavenly (1990)
Banzai Beats (1991)
Superluminal (1991)
Trojan Whores (1992)
Moosehair Underwear (1993)
Fuck Nature (1995)
Motorman (1998)
Down And Out (1998)

Maximum Overdrive (1989)
God, Guns & Gasoline (1990)
Moosehair Underwear (1993)
Schizophrenia (1994)
The Best of Cat Rapes Dog (1994)
More Than You Bargained For (1994)
Biodegradable (1995)
The Secrets Of God (1998)
People As Prey (1999)

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