The term XP Pack Rape has been under attack recently. A lot of people have decided that the phrase is offensive. They don't like how it makes them feel. They are worried someone might get their feelings hurt.

I am not one of those pople.

I am not offended by the term. I have never been raped, so it doesn't bring back awful memories.

So, I would like all of you that think they have the right to say whatever they want to come over to my house. /msg me for my address.

When you get there, you, me, and my wife will sit down in the living room while you explain what a god-damned, slap nuts funny phrase xp pack rape is. How it makes you laugh and how it so accurately describes what losing a lot of xp feels like.

Then, look in her face. Does she look hurt? Do you think she remembers the trial? Is her assailant out of prison yet? Why do you think that would make her cry?

Then, stand up and face me while I proceed to beat the living shit out of you.

If you are one of these people, it's okay. I am a Corpsman and 8404, combat medicine trained. I will make sure you live, and are not bleeding on my carpet when you leave. I will set your bones and take you to the emergency room.

If you do something that you know hurts people, you are an asshole. Everything is not yours, and yet you are trying to make it a place that only you can enjoy.

Stop whining about PC and remember that there are people here that can be hurt by what you say.

Terse: Maybe you didn't get it, or maybe I was too obtuse so here you go:

You are hurting people when you say things like that. The only reason you do it is because there are no consequences. This is the downside of the internet: trolls don't get punished. Don't be a troll.

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