The main character in 2001, the forebearer in 2010, the warning in 2061, and the double agent in 3001. An omnipotent being, an infinitely-old child borne of the fusion of the mind of an astronaut and the power of the monolith. The beginning and end, destructor and savior of the human species.

The last-remaining member of an ill-fated crew, killed by the evil actions of HAL, a subverted ship computer. Later he saved the day by warning Heywood Floyd and allowing Jupiter to become a new sun, Lucifer, for Europa, its moon/planet. When HAL was then assimilated into the Monolith, HAL and Bowman merged into "Halman." And finally, nearly 1000 years later, they saved humanity by helping to hack in to the mind of the monolith beacon, destroying it and preserving Homo Sapiens for at least another thousand years.

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