Seattle's beloved 'Voice of the Mariners', Dave has been the play-by-play radio announcer for the Seattle Mariners since the team was formed in 1977.

He is well known for his trademark catchphrases, his encyclopedic knowledge of baseball, his energy (he missed only 39 games in his first 3118 games) and his enthusiasm for baseball in general and the Mariners in particular. He threw out the first ceremonial pitch in Safeco Field, has been honored by the state House of Representatives, and has been inducted into the Mariners Hall of Fame, (only the second individual so honored).

Some of Dave's catchphrases; (When reading these, imagine them coming across the AM radio in an excited tone of voice, I really wish I could put some wav files here to show and share his distinctive and enjoyable style. Dave's voice carries emotions, excitement, pain, elation, and amazement with great ease. My HTML attempt here cannot begin to convey it.)

  • MY-OH-MY!
    Used when something especially exciting happens on the field, by either team. This is his best known phrase.

  • It will fly away!
    Used when a home run is hit.

  • It's Grand Salami Time!
    Used when a grand slam is hit.

  • It's been a wild, woolly, Pier 6 brawl.
    Used to describe a tough close game.

It's not unusual for Mariners fans to carry radios to the game in order to hear Dave. It's also common for those watching from home to turn down the TV and use Dave's commentary from the radio as the audio for the game.

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