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The character played by Ricky Gervais in the BBC series The Office. Brent is the archetypal twatty boss, who tries his best to become pally with his employees, but fails miserably. The character was recently placed into Channel 4's Top Ten TV Bastards.

Brent is a pervy, arrogant swine who finds himself hilariously funny but is considered by all the other characters to be a fool. He is also pitifully insecure, as shown by the nervous laughs when he thinks the camera is off him. What makes Brent so funny is the fact that England is populated by tossers such as this.

Some favourite David Brent quotations:
"Oh no, that's the other one"
"Vis-a-vis the whole pie"
"Me - lager, Finchy - lager, Gareth - lager, sometimes cider. So."
"Hot love on the hot love highway...free love on the free love freeway"

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