I was too young to remember what it was like to be in daycare. However, while walking to class I did watch two adults managing a mess of little children. Now, anyone with any contact with little kids know that there is no possible way to maintain order with only two adults. The only way to sufficiently watch one child is to have at least one adult around it at all times. Unfortunately, the few adults have to run things in an authoritarian manner.

This authoritarian regime suppresses all individuality. The children have to get into line. Any deviation from that line is punished. The children are taught, at an early age, an impressionable age, that they must follow their peers. It they do anything separate from their peers or what is declared as the norm, they will be punished. The adults set the norm, they create the line.

The first generation of day care kids haven't matured into adulthood yet. I would be interested in seeing how these children turn out.

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