Cast of characters:

DSW: Dear Sweet Wife

A: DSW's daughter by her late husband

S: A's husband

G: S and A's adopted child

G was born in Arkansas and wound up in Children's Hospital with several health issues that we think may be related to his parents' drug addiction. His parents didn't ever bother to come get him. DSW's daughter A and A's husband S were contacted by Social Services and took G in as a foster child. When they brought him home he was just a few months old but already showing developmental problems associated with early isolation. He also had a severe milk allergy (still has it but much less severe now).

A and S have worked miracles with G as they have with some 80 or 90 other foster kids over the last 10 years. They decided to fully adopt this one and he was issued a new birth certificate. His birth parents never showed any interest in him after they abandoned him in the hospital.

He has steadily improved and is just a healthy 2 yr. old now although he is prone to allergy and colds, etc. He's napping right now which is why I can peck the keys and tell you all this stuff.

Anyway, S and A are expecting their fifth kid (counting G) and also have 4 foster children currently. She's considered a geriatric pregnancy due to being a little old. G was having a terrible time with daycare. He would fight them and cry when they dropped him off. S asked if I would keep him for them. He offered to pay me what the daycare was charging. I said, "Yes, I'll keep him but I'm not taking your money. Merry Christmas!"

G and I have a lot of fun. He's an extra special kid and I'm grateful to have time with him. At unpredictable intervals, G will throw his arms around my neck and give me a big hug for no apparent reason. And, yes, I get tired but I don't have a job so for now this is my job and I can't imagine anything more rewarding. We read Dr. Seuss and put puzzles together and play basketball and make big messes around the high chair.

So that's the story. I'm about to turn 65 and I spend most of my time with a two year old little boy. How did I get so lucky?

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