The Deaf community in the UK is a varied one. Its members are generally profoundly (ie completely) deaf, and communicate using BSL or British Sign Language. They may have deaf or hearing parents and siblings. There are many newspapers and magazines produced by the Deaf community for its members; the British Deaf News and the British Deaf Association's magazine, for example. Members of a community feel themselves to be held together by some invisible force, and the Deaf community in the UK is no exception. Their shared heritage and pride in Deaf culture links them. There is a Deaf History society which produces its own journal, as well as Deaf television programmes such as See Hear!

However, while there are many good things about the Deaf community, it can also be extremely closed minded. Those who have been profoundly deaf from birth may feel that deaf people who are not profoundly deaf, who do not habitually use sign language, who have hearing spouses and friends, are not 'committed' to the Deaf community. However, this is not to say that all Deaf people feel this way, and the majority of people I know in the British Deaf community are friendly, welcoming and generally lovely.

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