Overlizard check in. My hostess goes to dinner last Friday and eats a piece of tempura. Half way through the mystery vegetable, about the size of a cross section of a medium potato, she thinks uh-oh, wheat. She considers and quietly finishes it. They are at a sushi restaurant in Silverdale, WA, she and four others. She has to bum a ride there because we can't stay awake after eating in the afternoon or evening.

This has been a pretty weird week after the immunology visit. We get back at 3 pm on Monday and promptly eat something and go to sleep by 5 pm. This sets the pattern for the week. Tuesday 6 pm. Wednesday we stay up until, wow, 7 pm. We also go to a friend's, another doc, who is short of breath. Meet outdoors only and she is not bad enough to drag to the ER. Get a covid-19 test from the Urgent Care and then take it in for her. Friday off to Bremerton with B, but short of breath and mild coughing. B is on a mission and does not walk slow in stores. This makes me cough. Saturday I feel awful and a bit worried. Should I get a Covid-19 test? However, my doc friend, who got the bug from her daughter, who got it from her grandfather, is negative. All three are negative. By Sunday I am only mildly sniffly and mildly short of breath when I do things. My lungs particularly object to flute playing, even on oxygen. I quarrantine for the weekend and only talk on the phone. I am very glad for the purr machines. They "help" me put out Christmas ornaments. They particularly like helping with the tablecloths, which means it takes a long time.

Today sniffles are nearly gone. No fever, no cough. I did loads of errands yesterday and wore my oxygen. I did not wear oxygen on Friday. Overconfidence. Guess I need it with me which is annoying. It is not clear whether I did catch a little bit of the virus, a low viral load, or whether this was from gluten, damn it. I will try to avoid gluten until January when I return from my trip.

The most reassuring thing about a mild cold is that it does not seem to have any PANS reaction. Both B and I were worrying that it could be triggered by a cold. Nope, apparently takes a major stress, which for me is usually a death. What death was there in January? Well, the death of my small clinic. Saying goodbye to all my patients sucked. Apparently the pandemic doesn't keep the antibodies kicked up but the body DOES get tired of making them. So right now they are in abeyance. 'Cept for the stupid gluten ones.

I am trying to ready the house for my non-packrat daughter. Where should I hide the rocks? Beach rocks. A LOT of beach rocks. I want to sort them and return some to the beach but not going to happen this month. Heh. Oh, I have a plastic bucket in the car, one of those ones for construction. Purrfect, except that once it is full I won't be able to move it. I'd better decide where I want it first, then transport the rocks to it.

The cardboard box of Things That Are Rusty could also go in the basement. Rocks and iron, and I don't know why. Maybe I am subtly anemic. I want the hunks of rusty metal that I find at garage sales and iron pulls at me on the beach.

I have a catsitter arranged for all but three days. Will get that organized, tried yesterday. I have some back up options.

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