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Last night I had this dream where my one buddy had died of some kind of drug overdose..  It was at a party and a bunch of people saw what happened.  They tried to revive him while the ambulance came and everything, people crying... then a couple of days later we were at his house to help his parents and sister out or something, and all of a sudden he appeared out of nowhere.  It was amazing! and I was so relieved to see him alive, I couldn't believe it but I was so happy.  At some point later in the dream as everyone was celebrating his coming back to life, I reached in my back pocket and for some reason my wallet wasn't there... That's when I realized I was having a lucid dream because I wouldn't have forgot my wallet.  Then I woke up, and remembered he's still gone from this world permanently from a real drug overdose...

Well, the judicial system in this country has once again proven itself to be biased against wealthy, mostly white older Americans.

Case in point, I was found guilty today in court on charges stemming from my business practices, i.e. smashing a frail elderly man's head into the edge of a dumpster hard enough to cause his brain to rocket out of his skull. This is both a necessary step in my business and helps to eliminate a drag on society by removing someone off the government dole and putting them in the grave where they belong after they've stopped being a useful part of the workforce.

But the American judicial system doesn't see it that way, and as a result I was sentenced to 20 hours of community service. And now I have to wash poor people's cars or pick up trash simply because I was conducting legitimate pharmaceutical business and being an important part of our free market economy.

I cannot empasize enough how dangerous it is to sideline important businessmen like myself, even temporarily, with these types of punitive measures against business dealings. It just isn't sustainable.

Yes, I am rightly pissed off about this.

My friends.

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