I did Christmas cards this year.

I didn't in 2012, when my sister died.

I didn't in 2013, when my father died.

In 2014, one of our two cats died, hit by a car. We brought the body in in a box overnight. The other cat did the stiff with horror walk and wouldn't go in the living room any more, until the dead cat was gone. She did come watch when we buried the other cat.

The remaining cat, Boa Black, is more social with visitors now. Princess Mittens used to lie on the floor during parties, doing that cat triangulation thing where she would try to be in the exact middle of where all the people were. She would get annoyed when someone moved and messed up her math. Boa now is more willing to greet strangers and even a twenty month old who visits.

Anyhow, I started writing Christmas cards. I still can think of people to write to, but now I think I will switch to Valentines. Get a jump on that season......

Blessings and Happy Whatever you celebrate. And if this is a year of loss for you, I am thinking of you and everyone who has lost a loved one this year.

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