Expectations are resentments in escrow.

There were more things to say as the day's dying rays filtered through the expense of each cleanse. 

A big day to contain several nights in tandem, the one you don't want to want any more, the two we cocoon in baggies, panting. The individual contains twenty six characters if the first bet is set. Follow the command and be prompt. Every one wants you to succeed. 

These are stories you've told yourself before, when the time to be could not begin to describe what we tried for. Each gram progresses in the space of an insecurity. A risk to dice them all. Tearing down the moat to water the castle. Vaccilitating between of and if, you sound like my other when you list each empty set to tell how it is what we say when we read.

Allowed in a tacit urn. For give us this cusp so that we may learn to know each in each.

Each moment augments the bridle's grip. If you stare at the curse words long enough, a longing will arrear. Initial this with a looking glass for the sand to scry.

Not that the gazebo would know either, if the weather could kill us we'd be read by now—bye bye bye.

It was supposed to take your breath away, or maybe just the part that you were ready to art with as the familiar spigot shows the work, the dream halts. Cards can't wait if you half the way, the glimpse of an image half-seen in a memory of a reverie.

The mise-en-abyme sates me in a neversending geometric progression from wunderground to groundless fears. He winked and said you know how these walls have ears. Corny lines get me every time the colonel cozies up in the sea partings.

Unspecified services spoken for in advance while the doe dosi-dos, does it hurt like this or like this? Do you think that there are enough names to drop or does it cover the groundswell?

The fear forgot to pick it up. 

Say nothing and be.

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