I have been away from noding for quite some time now, and as 2008 draws to a close, I am having to deal with some very big "life-issues", and figured that there is no better time to start up my daylogging, since my attempts at long works of prose tend to end up a mess and more in my mind than on paper.

Tonight I am not feeling very well, physical and mentally, not to mention emotionally, which - for now - I will consider not enough "pure" mental to be entirely mental exclusively. Instead of thinking more and more about the bad (don't worry, I will get to those things soon enough), I decided to write a list of ten things to be happy about today. I put my pipe down and grabbed at a pen and paper, but then withdrew, and decided to hit e2 with all I have. After all, aside from my own satisfaction, venting, recording, et cetera., what good is writing it down and sliding it in this month's memorabilia container? My life needs eyes on it, as it is becoming more and more bewildering to me, so others may benefit from what I have to say.

That being said, here are ten things to be happy about today!

1 - My Mom. I love her above all else, and consider her to be the most amazing and near-perfect person I know. She is generous in poverty, and strong and correct (and loving, most of all) in her goodwill, even if it is not always what a person wants to be told.

2 - My Stepdad. Without him there is no telling where I may be today. He is, by far, deserving of the title "Father" to me, even if we don't chat as much as I might like to.

3 - My wonderful friends, for reasons infinite. I am blessed to have a plentiful amount of wonderful people in my life which continue to prosper in kindness, in spite of all the hardships we are facing in the near past, present, and without a doubt, the near to long-term future. I am confident that only with our friends can we overcome the great obstacles in life, even if I enjoy the idea of being entirely self-reliant. No man is an island - all of the time.

4 - My girlfriend Melissa, who has undoubtedly saved my life in a great number of ways. You are my blood, Melissa. Thank you for... you! I am honored to be one with you.

5 - The strength to carry on, from whomwherever it is coming. Please, do not cut it off. I long to live. It is difficult to carry on, particularly when there is pain almost every direction an individual on this good, bountiful and big-enough-for-everyone-to-life-like-demigods Earth, for reasons which can not be said to be anything but greed, covetous, slothfulness, and a great other number of "sinful" actions and attitudes, or rather, fueled by them.

6 - The ability to decide that five is enough for tonight, as I must attend to some much needed work before it gets much later.

Thanks for listening! I feel better already. Merry Christmas, wonderful e2.

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