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I'm at Century Circle office park. Bread and apples from the farmers' market. The gray crane is here again. Does it live here, what does it eat? Manmade pond, no fish. There's a stream farther in, maybe it fishes there - why does it hang out here then? Company? I keep feeding the swans but they won't eat the bread and they won't go away either.

There are people here and if they talk to me I will scream.

Where do you get the swans, once you've built an office park?

Last night Ryan Brown came over ("I just like you guys") and told us to call him anytime we have fun planned, as he is cancelling his subscription to his old friends. Funny, cute, and asked me my boy status.

one of these swans has nasal problems

I'm hearing Christmas carols and I don't think I'm hallucinating. where is this coming from?

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