I was really, really tired that day. In fact, I fell asleep in my chair in front of the computer. I awoke and, still groggy, noded Napier's Bones. Never looked at it again after I typed in the description. Didn't check for errors. Moved on. Made a few good nodes.

The next morning, my thoughts upon awakening went exactly like this :

    "Wow. Interestin dream."
    "Wait a sec..."
    "Ho-lee shit! I noded that 187 times 3 is 32,421!"

Came in to work and looked at the node. Sho'nuff, there is was. The worst noding mistake of my life. I hung my head in shame.

Note to self : never, ever node while groggy. Give your brain some time to breathe first.

If I never noded while at least partially pooped, I might very well be at 40% of my node total.

Which would still be a shitload of nodes. But I digress...

I don't have anything interesting to note regarding the events of yesterday, but I wanted to ask if anyone else had been having difficulty accessing the new versions of this node from the ENN list? It kept taking me to new ENN listings; to get here I had to type in the node name from the search box.

Update: Apparently others don't have this problem, yet it resurfaced for me even when I selected my own instance of it on ENN to edit it to make this update. Had to search for it instead. Curious.

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