Terrible yoof-tv late-night telly for the inebriated early 90s Briton.

Hosted on UK's Channel 4 by godawful Manc, Terry Christian, The Word showcased much of the great music of the early 90s and made Amanda de Cadenet and Mark Lamarr look very foolish. Amanda de Cadenet is very foolish though. Oh god, and Hufty too.

I feel sick.

The power granted to Jesse Custer in Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon's Preacher when Custer was possesed by Genesis, the offspring of a demon and an angel. It pretty much amounts to you doing whatever he says. Like the guy he told to count grains of sand on the beach. Or the guy he told to "burn". Or the guy he told to go fuck himself. That was particularly nasty.


A major newspaper in The City where Spider Jerusalem works. Depending on his mood and the politcal climate, of course.

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