Dee Snider is the front man for the eighties metal band Twisted Sister. He is also the writer producer and star of the movie Strangeland. As the star he plays the character Captain Howdy. He also produced the soundtrack for the movie. The soundtrack includes the bands like Bile and Marilyn Manson.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I shit you not:

MSNBC has enlisted former Twisted Sister frontman and razor-toothed drag queen Dee Snider to become the cable news network's official voiceover guy.

The raspy voiced singer (whose onstage shtick was once described as "Bette Midler on acid") has been working for MSNBC since November, lending his vocals to promos for the likes of Brian Williams, Alan Keyes and Ashleigh Banfield.

Now, I imagine that Dee has been looking for work, but a voice over man for a cable news outlet. Truth is stranger than fiction.

According to MSNBC executives, Mr. Snider had all the qualities they look for in voice over talent. A well established pop culture identity, insane metal head fans... (wait, wrong list)

A distinct voice. According to Dee, he never did drugs, never drank much and was married, even during his Twisted Sister days. His distinct voice is the result of "screamin my guts out every night for years."

Keep in mind that this isn't just a publicity stunt from MSNBC. He has been work there since last November, and has the full support of the CEO of MSNBC, John Nicol.

I wonder what Bill thinks? The rock and roll life style of Dee Snider?
"No hes not gonna take it anymorrrre!",1,9503,00.html

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