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Town and coastal resort in Norfolk, England. Population around 5,000; records of its existence go back to at least the 11th century.

Hunstanton (sometimes pronounced "Hunston") is fairly typical of the moderately pleasant but hardly exciting coastal communities the British see fit to call a resort. In summer it gets reasonably busy and is the destination of cheap and cheerful day trips from across the South; out of season the town is fairly quiet. The attractions, such as they are, consist largely of promenades, casinos, pubs, and other such staples of the British budget holiday experience. For those who really do like to stretch the definition of fun, there is always the perishingly cold North Sea itself.

The highlight of Hunstanton's Spring 2002 may well have been the visit in March of a party of science A level students from a school in Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire. Among the 25 or so present were benny_g, Hidman_Zero and HexFailure. From this trip I was able to divine some information which I publish here for the benefit of anyone who might wish to visit this town.

  • Out of season, the only vehicle on the streets at night is a lonely squad car patrolling "downtown".
  • Out of season, the only other visitors are likely to be the ranks of old people sitting in their cars ranked along the seafront, staring glumly at the sea as if wondering how they got there.
  • Out of season, the only thing to do is drink.
  • To reach a drinking establishment, follow the roads downhill.
  • The pub near the youth hostel is run by bastards.
  • The guys working at the Spar don't mind selling alcohol to minors two minutes before closing time.
If at any time you get really stuck for something to do, try tuning into the local radio (which comes from Lincolnshire for some reason) to see how many gaffes the presenter can make in a minute.
Reference: http://www.hunstanton.net

In V for Vendetta by Alan Moore, one of the characters pays a visit to an unnamed seaside resort in Norfolk. It is not named, but the illustrations clearly show Hunstanton Cliffs and sea wall.

Amber can be found on the beaches in this part of Norfolk, but only if you belong to an elusive secret society of beachcombers, who lay claim to stretches of beach, and check them regularly.

Seahenge was a remarkable archaeological site a few miles along the coast at Holme. It was vandalised shortly after its discovery.

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