Internet country code TLD for Ireland. Don't bother trying to register anything there however, because they require it to be a registered and valid business name, with proof, in Ireland. If you want a personal domain there, you must be a citizen, and you will be given a domain such as (ab being your initials and 0001 being the next available number in that block).

To register a .ie domain name truly is a pain in the ass in comparison to registering a .com or domain name.

To even apply to reserve a domain one has to fall under one of the following categories:
Sole Trader
Limited Company registering its own name
Limited Company registering a trading name
Limited Company registered outside Ireland
Unincorporated Association/Club/Partnership
Registered Charity
Educational Institution/School
State Agency

Which basically means that your average Joe Lunchbox can't just go ahead and and register, he would actually have to set up a limited company in that name, which involves solicitors, accountants and a lot of hassle that you could do without. The application process is long and slow. On top of this, .ie domains cost €126.97 to set up and the same amount for the annual "maintainence fee".

The Irish domain registry was originally housed in University College Dublin but it seems they have scuttled off to a new lair nearby in Sandycove, Co. Dublin. Their offices are "closed to the public" so don't bother popping around for a cup of tea and a chinwag.

You will probably be given a polite "Feck off".

sources and .ie whois service available at:,

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